Are you saying no amount of help would be enough?

Hopefully you are here because regardless of political and religious views, you believe that pregnant women in difficult circumstances need HELP, not judgment, lectures or deceptive quick fixes.

If you are pregnant, you are already struggling with a difficult decision to make and you are looking for the best possible solution for yourself and others involved. We are quite confident that you are a strong, capable woman and will be able to reach a realistic solution that will work for you and give you peace.

Our Beliefs

• We believe that no woman would ever intentionally harm her young, and that you want to do the least bad thing;

• We believe that the government has abandoned pregnant women as if they are in a no-win situation, failing to provide aid, housing and employment/education opportunities to keep their lives on track, leaving them to make a choice that no woman really ever has to make;

• We believe that the media has failed to report on the devastating harm of abortion. There is no such thing as a safe abortion. Many abortionists did not qualify for normal medical positions, and thousands of injuries and deaths have resulted from legal abortions here in the USA. It may also be the biggest kept secret behind the alarming rise in depression, suicide, insecurity among children, family break-ups, infertility and more, including among Christian communities;

• We believe it takes a village to support any person, and the community should step up and help when someone is in dire need. Brave, caring people have been stepping up to help pregnant women for thousands of years, and today that free private help–including from healthcare professionals–is more organized and available than ever before;

• We believe adoption is vastly misunderstood, as if the worst of all options: offering 9 months of misery and then a lifetime of sadness for the child and birthmother. Real cases, however, show the tremendous joy that comes from letting others provide the home that you cannot right now. Did you know that Nicole Richie, Faith Hill, Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, John Lennon, Sarah McLachlan, Steve Jobs and Tim McGraw were all adopted?

There is so much hope, regardless of where you are on your journey.